The next guest curator will be announced on my website and on Instagram @topainterstopaintings please follow and subscribe.




My Instagram page was created to showcase emerging artists alongside established artists, particularly painters and sculptors. 

I wanted to find a way for emerging artists to have their work seen by galleries and art professionals since most reputable galleries do not accept unsolicited submissions.


The online exhibition will involve art gallery founders and art professionals to be the guest curators of the online exhibitions.

There will be an open call in which the guest curator will select work from. The online exhibition will be posted on my website and on my Instagram page. This will give emerging artists the chance to have their work seen by reputable galleries and art professionals and the guest curator will get to discover new work.


There is a 10GBP fee for every online exhibition submission, the fee goes towards the guest curator fee, advert costs and website upkeep. The submission process is quick and painless.



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