Open call December 21- January 25

The next guest curators for the next online exhibition will be Ornis Althuis and Jeanine Hofland of Althuis Hofland Fine Arts.

Althuis Hofland Fine Arts was established in September 2018 by Ornis Althuis (1987) and Jeanine Hofland (1983) and is located within the historical centre of Amsterdam. The gallery has a strong focus on the medium of painting spanning different generations and works closely with curators and collectors in the field. The gallery is strongly committed to presenting its artists’ work in an international context and participates in important art fairs world wide (such as NADA Miami, Art Brussels, Art-O-Rama, Marseille etc). We enjoy being connected to everyone with a curious eye, and a genuine love for the arts; from first encounter, first acquisitions to art professionals.

Althuis Hofland Fine arts collaborates with:
David Noro, Polina Barskaya, Austin Eddy, Katarina Janeckova, Duncan Hannah, Hannah Perry, Tom Goldenberg, Jan Pleitner, Jasper Hagenaar, Marliz Frencken, Jan Knap, Waldemar Zimbelmann, Rumiko Hagiwara, Tanja Ritterbex, Julius Hofmann, Bart Kok, Isheanesu Dondo

Will do future exhibitions with:
Eva Beresin, Scott Kahn, Salvo, Aurelie Salavert and Abel Rodriguez.

Has collaborated with:
Gareth Nyandoro, Shara Hughes, Salvo and Rosa Loy.

Prior to opening Althuis Hofland Fine Arts both Hofland and Althuis have gained extensive experience within the art field by directing an art gallery independently (“Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art” and “Ornis A. Gallery”), and by working for private collections and institutions. Jeanine Hofland founded ‘A Petite Fair’, a traveling art fair being the inspiration for CONDO. 

Between September 2018 and February 2020 the gallery used its small cellar space (8m2, H.180cm) as a project space entitled The Gemma. The Gemma hosted a.o. screenings (Taus Makhacheva), was an exhibition space of local artist initiatives (Root canal), and functioned as an artists’ bar entitled ‘Art Bar Kippy Bar’ that organized new exhibitions weekly.

Submission Rules:


  1. All Artists from any location can apply.

  2. Work submitted must be painting, drawing or sculpture.

  3. You can submit up to 3 images and images uploaded can not be larger than 500KB.

  4. The Image must be clear, and either cropped or with a clean white background unless the background is part of the work.

  5. There is a $10 USD submission fee.

  6. Artists can not submit more than once.

  7. Collaborations are welcome.

  8. The work will be posted on both the website and the viral Instagram page.

  9. The work will remain on the websites archive.

  10.  By submitting you give consent to the lines 8 and 9.

  11.  Artists featured in the past online exhibitions can not submit until 1 year from when they were featured.

  12.  Artists represented by the guest curator’s gallery can not apply.


How to Submit:


Payment can be made through PayPal or card, please select the payment button and make a payment of $10 USD.


All fees are used for advert costs, website maintenance and guest curator fees.


Please put your name as the PayPal reference.


Once payment has been made please email

with up to 3 clear photos of your work that you would like to submit.

Please make sure each photo is a jpeg file no larger than 500KB. 


On the email subject line put your name – submission:     

example (Jack Smith- Submission)


In the email body please write the following:


Artist Name_____________________

Artist Website Link___________________

Instagram Handle____________________

Paypal email if different to submission email _____________________


(Work details for each piece submitted)

Title of work submitted -



Year – 

The open call closes on January 25th 2021

Good Luck!

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