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TopTop supports the Black Lives Matters Movement. Please use the link below for resources on how you can help!



My name is TopTop, I am a cartoon head with missing arms and legs, with my free time I created @TopaintersTopaintings


ToPaintersToPaintings is an Instagram account where I reblog the best in contemporary painting, drawing and sculpture. My aim is to give emerging artists the exposure they deserve by posting work by established artists alongside emerging artists.


I created my blog to keep tabs on contemporary artists and to share my findings with you. Please invite me to your exhibitions and I just might post it on my site and if you see me please say hi. 


If you want me to see your work email me with your Instagram account in my contact section, if I like the work I will post it.


A regram credit is given to the person who took the picture and the artist will be hashtagged and tagged.


Please do not bombard me with images or ask me to post again right after I have posted your work.


Just because I do not post your work right away does not mean I will never post it, I curate my Instagram so perhaps I will consider your work in the future, or maybe I am simply waiting to see what new work you come up with because your work isn't quite ready.


Make sure the image is clear with a clean white background.


You must be an active working artist, also I generally do not post realism (unless there's an experimental aspect) sorry cartoons do not like realism.


Please consider the type of work on the blog before submitting.


If your Instagram is on private, I can not see your account, in that case, email me a link to your website.


My website updates the most recent posts so if you do not have Instagram simply visit my site and you can see the posts below or sign up to my newsletters in the subscribe section.


If you would like to help support my site please donate, any bit helps.


Please do not quit painting if I do not post your work, I am just a tiny face with picky taste.



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You can donate to my website, any little bit helps! Please note that a donation does not guarantee that your work will be posted.


Support TopTop by making a donation. Please note, any donation does not guarantee that your work will be posted.

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Please email your Instagram username along with your full name and a website link. Submitting to my Instagram is free. All paid online exhibition submissions will also be considered for my Instagram account in the future.

Thanks! Message sent.

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