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About Me

I am known as TopTop, a cartoon character lacking arms and legs with a paint palette for a head. 

During my leisure time, I established the Instagram account @TopaintersTopaintings with the purpose of reblogging exceptional works in contemporary painting, drawing, and sculpture. My objective is to provide emerging artists with the recognition they deserve by featuring the artwork of both established and emerging artists on this platform.

The creation of my blog stems from my desire to stay informed about contemporary artists and share my discoveries with the audience. I kindly request invitations to exhibitions, as I may consider featuring them on my site. Additionally, if you happen to encounter me in person, please feel free to approach and greet me.

If you wish for me to view your artwork, kindly contact me via email and provide your Instagram account details in the designated contact section. If I find your work appealing, I will consider featuring it on my platform.

When reposting an image, appropriate credit will be given to the photographer, and the artist will be tagged and referenced with relevant hashtags.

Please refrain from inundating me with numerous images or requesting immediate reposts after your work has already been featured.


If I do not post your work, I may still consider showcasing your work in the future, or I might be awaiting the development of your new projects if your current work is not yet suitable.

It is crucial to submit images that are clear and possess a clean background.


Please note that I generally do not feature realistic artwork unless it exhibits experimental qualities.

Before submitting your work, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the type of content displayed on the blog.

If your Instagram account is set to private, regrettably, I am unable to access it. In such cases, please provide a link to your website via email.

My website is regularly updated with the most recent posts. If you do not have an Instagram account, you can simply visit my site to view the featured content below or subscribe to my newsletters in the corresponding section.

Please do not quit painting if I do not post your work, I am just a tiny face with picky taste.



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Submit to Instagram

Please email your Instagram username along with your full name and a website link. Submitting to my Instagram is free. All paid online exhibition submissions will also be considered for my Instagram account in the future.

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Thanks! Message sent.

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You can donate to my website, any little bit helps! Please note that a donation does not guarantee that your work will be posted.

Support TopTop by making a donation. Please note, any donation does not guarantee that your work will be posted.

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